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The Arsonist is proud to support this monthly event, which brings together trusted, like-minded friends and business associates for a beer, steak and a good laugh.

White Cloud Foundation

White Cloud Foundation (WCF) is a Queensland-based not-for-profit organisation founded in 2011 by Professor Adam Scott. Its mission is to provide practical support, easy access to treatment, and early intervention programs for people living with or at risk of developing depression and anxiety in its many forms.


Steaks with Mates is one of WCF’s volunteer-led programs and it offers social interaction and peer support for men who may sometimes struggle with depression and anxiety.


There are several Steaks with Mates groups currently active in South-East Queensland, and each one is made up of trusted, like-minded friends, friends-of-friends and business associates, who get together each month at a local pub or restaurant for a steak, a beer, and a bit of a laugh.


Importantly, each Steaks with Mates night provides an opportunity for blokes to reach out if they want to talk to someone, ask for advice or need some moral support.

The Arsonist team is excited and honoured to be the Bayside venue for Steaks for Mates.

Steak Feast

Bread and butter

Stockyard gold sirloin with green peppercorn and caper sauce

Rocket, parmesan, burnt pear salad with finger lime vinaigrette

Boulangere potatoes

Please advise of any dietary requirements when booking.

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